bearded ladies: My Name Is Earl

My Name Is Earl ‘Sticks & Stones’

In the episode ‘Sticks & Stones’, Earl reaches Number 91 on his list – ‘Made Fun of Maggie Lester’: Maggie was a new student at Earl’s school who only lasted a couple of months because of Earl’s continual taunts about her facial hair.

Twenty years later, and Maggie (Judy Greer) has gone from having some downy fluff on her top lip to being ‘the Amazing Bearded Woman’ in Witzel’s Travelling Circus.

It turns out that she’s happy and doesn’t need Earl to wax her face – or her car.

The makeup

Peggy Teague was the head makeup artist; Nedra Hainey was the key makeup artist; Patricia Gundlach was the head hair stylist.