updated: 14/07/2004

bearded ladies: The Irresistible Piggies

In Zhu ba da lian meng (The Irresistible Piggies) when Sai Gwai starts his new job he meets the four ‘pork chops’ (Cantonese slang for ugly women): So Mei (Karen Mok Man-Wai) has excessive body hair; Ah Mo is beautiful but balding; Ah Hung has a large red birthmark on her face; Ah Pao has abnormally small eyes and large teeth. The four girls are teased and discriminated against by their other colleagues and are finally fired by their beautiful, evil boss Christine. With the help of their gay hairdresser and some friends inside the company, the girls become irresistibly beautiful, and get rehired under new identities. There, they plot revenge on those who made fun of them, and especially the power-hungry Christine.

This is the second time that Karen Mok Man-Wai has played a less than beautiful woman: she had also played Turkey in Sik San (aka God of Cookery).

Chun Sau Ha was credited as makeup artist but I do not know if he(?) was responsible for the special makeup: if anyone can clarify the credits please email me.