bearded ladies: Sliders

Sliders ‘Time Again and World’

In the episode ‘Time Again and World’ the Sliders witness a grisly murder on a world where the women have beards. They then slide to a world that looks remarkably similar – except that the women don’t have beards. But when they try to stop the murder being repeated on this world they wind up entangled with goverment officials in a United States that is under martial law.

It turns out that the main the main divergence for this world is that J Edgar Hoover seized power after JFK’s assassination and turned the country into his own police state – with the cops wearing cute little skirts.

Natalie Nassau (Rebecca Gayheart) has a particularly pathetic beard.

The makeup

Stephanie Fowler was the makeup department head; Bernd J Rantscheff was the makeup effects supervisor on the show.

Bernd he described the experience as ‘a great five years’ because of the free hand he was given. He was not responsible for these makeups.