demo makeups: personal & student projects

Demonstrations & personal projects

This page features a number of demonstration and project makeups, from various sources and to various standards – from student projects to professional demonstrations.

The makeups

Mike Marino did this makeup on his girlfriend Aundrea some years ago. It consists of a bald-cap, nose, forehead and cheek prosthetics plus wig and beard. There are makeup application images illustrating this makeup on his PPI Players page. Mike has worked on The Wrestler, Synecdoche, New York, Enchanted, Saturday Night Live, Requiem for a Dream, Angel and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Dubi Preger did this makeup on a fellow student for the 2002 London College of Fashion graduation show Strange Fruit: Makeup Artist Magazine featured the makeup in its coverage of the show. The story was loosely based on a Japanese fairytale about Kikenjinbutsy, a woman who seduces young men and relies on their youth to remain attractive otherwise she turns into an old hag. The makeup consists of a five piece foam-latex prosthetic, bald-cap and old-age stipple. The application took some five hours for each of six performances.