factual ent: Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Robin Roberts investigated old-age for an ‘in her shoes’ item on Good Morning America:

As my mother has grown older, I’ve watched her start to move more slowly, to struggle. So I wanted to experience – literally – what she went through in her everyday life. The goal was not only to look eighty-five, but feel eighty-five …

The first step in my transformation took more than two hours as he covered me with a two-part medical flexible silicone to create a mold of my face. He and his team layered plaster bandages over the silicone to make the final face mold. Weeks later, they returned with ten pieces that would be the building blocks of my prosthetics.

After the makeup was applied she put on a ‘the third age suit’ that restricts movement and simulates arthritic back and joint pains: ‘When I put the suit on, suddenly all my joints ached. I couldn’t stand up straight, and the smallest movements were a struggle. I felt tired almost immediately.’

She spent time at a senior citizen community in costume but not in disguise so that the senior citizens she met there knew she was conducting a social experiment.

The makeup

Tony Gardner (Alterian Inc) was responsible for the makeup.