factual ent: my senior moment

Various senior moments

‘Okay, so we’ve done the fat-suit thing so how how does it feel to be treated like an old person?’

It seems that some newspaper or magazine gets round to retreading this story a least every couple of years. Just in the UK we’ve had: Closer & The Daily Mail (2004); The Guardian (2006); The Daily Mail again (2008); plus the others I’ve probably missed.

The makeup

The Daily Mail (2008): Thirty-four-year-old Tanya Gold wore prosthetics to find out what it’s like to be ninety in modern Britain for the article ‘The day I became my grandmother’. Surprise, surprise, she discovered the experience to be an uncomfortable one: being patronised, ignored, or treated like a child. Kristyan Mallett was responsible for the makeup.

MF Dnes (2007): This Czech newspaper had one of its reporters aged by René Stejskal for an article on ageing.

The Guardian (2006): Thirty-two-year-old journalist Zoe Williams was aged fifty years for ‘My Senior Moment’, an article in the Guardian Weekend. The makeup artists were Faye Windridge, Kati Hood and David Cordeaux – all of whom were at the time students on the London College of Fashion makeup and prosthetics course.