factual ent: fat-suit ‘investigations’

Various fat-suit ‘investigations’

‘Okay, so everyone else has done the fat-suit thing so why don’t we give it a shot? What, we already did it a couple of years ago? Don’t worry, they won’t remember.’

The makeup

Cuestión de Peso (2010): Miralba Ruiz presents this weight loss programme in the Dominican republic and wanted to experience the humiliation that the participants felt. So underwent a four hour makeup and went shopping as a 300lb woman. Shockingly, she found it was a ‘frustrating and painful’ experience, encountering ‘discrimination, abuse, reproach, loneliness and abuse’.

BBC Radio Manchester (2010): Presenter Becky Want went from a size ten to a size eighteen with the aid of a fat suit and prosthetic makeup to gain a personal perspective on what it feels like to be overweight. Her transformation was part of a day of programming looking at obesity issues.

BBC WM (2009): BBC WM presenter Joanne Malin found out what it would feel like to be overweight for the stations Flab To Fab week of programming in 2009, looking at obesity in the region and its effects on people’s lives, fitness and health. Iain Burton-Legge was responsible for her transformation.

Entertainment Tonight (2006): Entertainment Tonight, that home of serious investigative reporting, had a segment in which they Vanessa Minnillo donned a fat suit,wig, and unflattering outfit to investigate how fat women are treated compared to beautiful women. They did a follow-up with her in an Ugly Betty look. Robert Hall of Almost Human was responsible for her transformation and I’m grateful to him for allowing me to use this image of the fat Vanessa; Jonathan Fuller (Monster Asylum) sculpted the appliance.