factual ent: The Sun (fat for a day)

The Sun: fat for a day

In March 2005 journalist Caroline Palmer temporarily doubled her size to see how the public reacted for a feature in The Sun.

Caroline’s comments on her reaction to her new look give a flavour of the resulting article:

As I stare at my image in the mirror after my makeup artist has done his stuff, I fight hard to hang on to my earlier feminist zeal. I feel shapeless and swamped by the extra bulk. I’m now a size 24 – with a bust around 46in, a 41in waist and 48�in hips. I can feel my confidence slipping. But what will the world at large think of me?

Later in 2005 Caroline Palmer and another journalist swapped races for another article in The Sun on wearing the burka: Stevie Bettles again did the makeup.

The makeup

Stevie Bettles was responsible for her makeup and I’m grateful to him for the use of these images.