factual ent: Axizi na to dis

Axizi na to dis

FRom 2006 to 2010 Tatiana Stefanidou presented a Greek talk show Axizi na to dis (Worth Watching). Inevitably when in 2009 she did a piece on obesity, weight loss problems and the public response to fat people she did a Tyra and appeared on the show made up to look 139 kilos.

She has also done a fakover – punking her colleagues by turning up disguised as a male German-Greek TV reporter who was visiting the country and generally created chaos inside the channel trying to get interviews from various well known figures working there.

The makeup

George and Roulis Alahouzos (Alahouzos FX) were responsible for Tatiana’s transformation. The makeup was based on a one piece wraparound silicone piece.

I’m grateful to the Alahouzos brothers for allowing me to use some of these images.