various makeups: factual entertainment

Various makeups: Factual entertainment makeups

factual entertainment claims to inform as well as entertain by putting a member of the public (or sometimes a celebrity or a journalist) in someone else’s shoes by changing their appearance for a day (or even living the role for a month). So we’ve had white women going black, black women going white, thin women becoming temporarily fat, women as men, women looking older etc.

Mostly they claim serious intent but some examples are little different from publicity stunts. factual entertainment emerged from the never-neverland that exists somewhere between the totally entertainment-orientation of ‘reality’ TV and the informative intent of the dramatised documentary. Examples are included from both TV shows and from newspapers and magazines.

I have separated out celebrity fakeovers as a special case of disguise makeups.

Regardless of the ethics, educational or entertainment value of these shows they arguably pose a unique challenge to makeup artists to produce a transformation capable of working in ‘real-life’ situations.