factual ent: Celebrities Disfigured

Caprice Bourret disfigured

In this follow-up to Celebrity Wheelchair Challenge, Channel 4 challenged two celebrities (Craig Charles & Caprice Bourret) to be made up with striking facial disfigurements. They were also fitted with wigs to help ensure they were unrecognisable. They then went ‘undercover’ for 48 hours as secret cameras recorded members of the public’s reactions to them.

Caprice was used to being gawped at in the street, but found the public reactions unnervingly different when she was wearing a ‘port wine stain’ birthmark: ‘They weren't staring at me in awe, they were staring at me because I’m different.’

Despite the title the programme was a relatively serious attempt to explore attitudes to disfigurement: it included interviews with a number of people with facial disfigurements and was supported by the charities Saving Faces and Changing Faces. That said I thought the bit with Craig Charles at a Red Dwarf convention to be pretty tacky.

The makeup

The makeup was by Mike Stringer of Hybrid Enterprises F/X (visit their site to see some stunning stuff). I’m grateful to him for contributing these images:

The makeup work for the Port Wine Stain on Caprice for Celebrities Disfigured was designed and applied by myself [Mike Stringer] using an airbrush and ‘Skin Illustrator’ makeup colours. Including the wig work it took around one to one and a half hours all together.