factual ent: The Daily Mail (boob job)

Clover Stroud’s instant boob job

When Trinny and Susannah’s show Undress the Nation covered breasts, Trinny Woodall tried a temporary boob job. It was almost inevitable that some newspaper would follow this up with their own feature; Clover Stroud and the Daily Mail got there first with ‘My Instant Boob Job’.

The makeup

Paul Boyce of pb-sfx was responsible for Clover’s makeup, using silicone prosthetics; I am grateful to Paul for the use of these images.

In the article Clover described the process:

I decided to try the same experiment [as Trinny]. The man who created my awesome breasts is Paul Boyce, a prosthetic and TV special effects expert. He took a cast of my real breasts using a dental aginate and plaster bandages. When this had dried, he then sculpted a fibreglass resin mould over the top, and injected prosthetic silicone between the mould and the cast. The result was startling: a pair of perfect 36DD silicone breasts that fitted from my collarbone to just above my stomach, and which had to be reapplied every day. They were absolutely lifelike and they moved naturally with me. Once fitted, he painted them using eight different colours combined exactly to match my skin tone. They felt similar to wearing a tight sports bra. In fact, I could almost forget I was wearing them. Or at least I could until I looked in a mirror.