IMATS: Neill Gorton at IMATS UK 2009

Neill Gorton demo at IMATS (2009)

Neill Gorton is the proprietor of MillenniumFX (Doctor Who etc) and of the Neill Gorton Prosthetics Studio. He is a strong supporter of the International Makeup Artists Trade Show (IMATS) and his annual prosthetic makeup demonstrations at IMATS London always attract a full house.

In a highlight demonstration on the Saturday at IMATS UK 2009 Neill and Rob Mayer transformed Karen Spencer into an middle-aged air hostess.

She was also his model in 2008 when she was transformed into an elderly Chinese woman; on the Sunday she was transformed into a Native-American chief on the MillenniumFX stand.

The makeup

Neill, assisted by Rob Mayor, applied a multi-piece silicone prosthetic middle-age makeup on Karen. The neck piece was a generic piece (from a new range of generic prosthetic appliances by Millennium FX); the cheek and chin prosthetics were purpose-made. The eye area was stippled. Karen also wore contact lenses (supplied by the Reel Eye Company) and transparent veneers to discolour her teeth (made for the demo by FangsFX); Karen’s contact lenses were not purpose-made for the demonstration and Neill commented that the effect was probably too-ageing compared with the rest of the makeup.

I’m sure Neill would want me to point out that magnificient as it is this is a demonstration makeup performed against the clock while delivering a running commentary to a live audience. As such it should not be taken as an indication of the quality of his movie work.