Various other makeups

Various other makeups

This section features a variety of makeups that do not fit easily into any other category: portrayals of the effects of plastic or cosmetic surgery; young actresses portraying young actresses playing aged characters in movies-within-movies; demonstration makeups etc etc.

Yet another variety of reality TV show or factual entertainment: putting a member of the public in someone else’s shoes by changing their appearance for a day (when it’s a celebrity undercover – usually played for laughs – it’s a fakeover in the disguise section). So we’ve had white women going black, black women going white, thin women becoming temporarily fat, women looking older etc. Sometimes these shows involve very complex, extensive and realistic makeups. Regardless of the ethics, educational or entertainment value of these shows they arguably pose a unique challenge to makeup artists to produce a transformation capable of working in real-life situations.

When movie makers turn to making movies about movie-making the results are fascinating. Illusion is revealed to go all the way down as you realise that the process of the actress-character transforming her appearance with makeup for playing a part in a movie-within-a-movie role is itself all artifice.

Some actresses are chameleons taking on a variety of roles differing widely in both character and appearance. This section brings together a collection of images for the featured actresses that would otherwise be scattered throughout the site.

Finally a variety of demonstration, publicity and personal project makeups. These come from various sources and are to various standards: some of them are student projects, others are from publicity photoshoots or from professional demonstrations. A number of these makeups include step-by-step images of the makeup application.