various makeups: extravagant noses

Zorra Total
Társas játé́k
Terror Firmer
Jacob Two Two
Frasier ‘Roz and the Schnoz’
Storyteller: ‘Sapsorrow’
Merlin and the Sword

Various makeups: Extravagant noses

Many actresses have donned an extravagant prosthetic nose to play a character, whether realistic or fantasy. Some of the noses can only be described as very, very strange including at least three that can only be described as penile.

You’ll have to look in the look-alikes section to find the most famous prosthetic nose worn by an actress: the quite modest one worn by Nicole Kidman in The Hours.

There is a fine collection of fake cosmetic surgery nose jobs in the cosmetic surgery makeups section; noses of character in the plain janes section; and, of course, all those witches.