bodypainting: Just Shoot Me! ‘Amblushed’

Just Shoot Me! ‘Amblushed’

Back in the 1970s and 80s Nina Van Horn (Wendie Malick) was a top model and partied hardy with the jet set. Today she is the neurotic fashion editor for Blush magazine whose greatest fear in life is losing her looks.

She wants to get back on the magazine covers and asks Elliot, the magazines photographer: ‘Shoot a portrait of me, one that shows the world that Nina Van Horn will not go quietly.’

Elliot has an idea for a photoshoot. But Nina irritates him so much that afterwards he tells her that the gold bodypaint needs to be removed with a special solvent and he has run out.

When Nina turns up for work next day Elliot is ready to apologise but Nina is so rude about the photographs that he ends up telling her the suppliers have run out leaving her to spend the rest of the episode painted gold.

The makeup

Bruce Grayson was the key makeup artist.