publicity: Melissa George at 65

Melissa George at 65

In October 2007 Melissa George took on the appearance of a – very well-preserved – 65-year-old woman for the launch of BT Financial’s BT Super for Life in Sydney, to help people imagine themselves in 30 years’ time.

She said it was fun to take a step into her future:

I was actually kind of proud of myself that I said, ‘yeah, I'd like to be 65’. Most actresses wouldn’t do that. I really love that I said, ‘yeah, I’ll give it a go’, because I’m all about having fun with it, role playing.

The makeup

The publicity referred to a four-hour makeup application and ‘some clever prosthetic makeup and a head of grey hair’. Looking at the high-resolution images, it seems to me that her wrinkles were probably created with latex stipple or Green Marble rather than prosthetics. Melissa said: ‘We started at 5am with latex. They put grey silver spray paint through my hair.’

I have no information on the makeup credits, if anyone has the information please email themakeupgallery.