statue & doll makeups: various movies

Statues, toys & dolls

Here we have actresses playing statues, dolls, puppets and toys from a variety of movies, TV shows and photoshoots.

There is a separate sub-section for robot & android makeups.

The movies

Face Forward (2000): Kevin Aucoin transformed Christina Ricci into a ragdoll for this book; he also transformed her into Edith Piaf.

Le temps retrouvé (1999): Marcel Proust is on his deathbed looks at photographs which bring back memories of his childhood, his youth, and his lovers. In one scene party guests are seen frozen as mannequins. Dominique Plez and Benoît Lestang were key makeup artists; Emmanuel Pitois was special makeup effects artist.

Heavenly Creatures (1994): Pauline Rieper (Melanie Lynskey) and Juliet Hulme (Kate Winslet) are two teenage girls who form an intense friendship with an overactive fantasy life leading to the murder of Pauline’s mother. In one fantasy sequence Pauline and Juliet find thems in the midst of a crowd of Borovnians and are then seen in Borovnian guise themselves: I’m not sure who was under this makeup but I doubt it was Melanie and Kate. Richard Taylor (Weta FX), in an early partnership with Peter Jackson, was responsible for the Borovnian prosthetics and suit effects.