fake tattoos: Passion Play

Passion Play

Aptly described as ‘a laughable mess of a fantasy’, Passion Play has Mickey Rourke – on autopilot – as an ex-junkie jazzman playing in a strip club called the Dream Lounge.

Somewhere along the way he picks up April (Liezl Carstens); when she undresses her body is revealed to be covered in tattoos, including ‘The Last Supper’  on her lower back.

Kelly Lynch said of Liezl Carstens:

She does a love scene with Mickey, was cast locally and came in and had to dominate the scene. She had to seduce Mickey Rourke and I was blown away by her confidence. Mickey is a force of nature, it’s like moving a car and she just came in and took over and seduced him. She was an angel of death and amazing.

The makeup

Ken Diaz was the makeup department head; Robin Beauchesne was the key makeup artist; Rick Stratton & Kenaro Yano were the tattoo artists.