fake tattoos: Torque


Renegade bikers tear through a new Wild West looking to raise hell on some of the world’s most powerful motorcycles, but their high-speed, high-octane world explodes when vengeful motorcycle gangs collide.

The heavily tattooed and pierced China (Jaime Pressly) is the ‘devilishly evil girlfriend’ of the leader of the rival gang.

A truly abysmal movie; I was astounded to see it had been nominated for four awards – until I realised they were all for stunt work.

The makeup

Kathleen Crawford was key makeup artist; Mike Mekash applied China’s tattoos, using Tinsley Transfers. Hairstylist Dugg Kirkpatrick gave Jaime Pressly jet black hair extensions that were airbrushed at the base and then covered with grease.

Jaime Pressly said:

It took 45 minutes to get into [my costume] every day and I couldn’t do it by myself. I had to have two women help put me in it. It was four hours for me to get ready every day from the tattoos, they airbrushed my hair black every day, the outfit, the piercings, it was about four hours every day.