dental prosthetics: Catch Me If You Can

Catch Me If You Can

Brenda Strong (Amy Adams) is a naive nurse who falls for con-man Frank Abagnale Jr.

To play the role Amy Adams had to wear a full set of upper and lower fake dental braces. She didn’t find these too difficult to work with:

It’s not too bad. I had a mouthpiece that I just pushed in and out so it wasn’t too bad at all. It was … kind of like a white thing with brackets glued on, and it had such big brackets that you really couldn’t tell that they were real … When I was wearing them, um, I felt a lot younger which helps me get into her vulnerability and her naiveté.

The makeup

Lois Burwell was the department head makeup; Johanne Gravel (Canada) & Linda Grimes (New York) were the key makeup artists.

The braces were by Gary Archer (GA Enterprises). complains that the stick-on braces portrayed are anachronistic: ‘The only type available [at that time] had wrap around bands.’ However, the choice of a mouth full of metal is likely to have been a conscious decision.