trade shows: Kreat at FIKAE 2008


Kreat at FIKAE 2008

FIKAE (Festival Internacional de Kuerpos Artísticos de España) was a Spanish makeup trade show that used to be held annually in Madrid. The 2009 show was cancelled and I do not believe that it has been held since.

Each show featured a number of makeup and bodypainting demonstrations.

This makeup was designed by Rodolfo Dellibarda (Kreat) for the 2008 show and transformed model Karen Davidoff into a caricature of Jimmy Hendrix.

The makeup

The makeup involved repositioning the model’s mouth using a extended upper dentures and a lower jaw piece under the prosthetic.

Rodolfo Dellibarda explained:

The first thing we did was the upper acrylic teeth. Then, we did a lifecast of the face of the actress with the upper acrylic teeth and on the plaster copy we constructed the lower jaw in fiberglass and polyester resin and applied the lower acrylic teeth. Then we applied the upper teeth and the lower jaw to the actress and took another lifecast of her face. On this cast we sculpted the hendrix caricature with oil clay and then we reproduced it in silicone (platsil gel 10).

I’m grateful to Rodolfo for the use of these images.